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Connecting education and industry

At Inholland Composites, the applied research we do is driven by our values: creativity, sustainability and health. From an industry perspective, we link our research to themes that are relevant and current in the world surrounding us. For our students, lecturers and researchers, our research themes offer a challenging and multidisciplinary framework for learning and developing new skills.

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Automation in composite manufacturing is essential to the future growth of the composite industry. Smart manufacturing is the way to larger production volumes, better employee safety and health conditions, and higher product quality.

Bio based

The benefits from composites offer ample avenues for improving our environment, but why not take it one step further and use nature’s materials in composite structures design?


Next to ‘ageing aircraft’, we also see wind turbine blades reaching their operational life, and mass-produced composite cars are no longer future visions. All these structures are based on all-composite load-bearing elements which, due to damage or ageing may at some point need structural repair.


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Graduations deliver research results for SiA Take-Off
29 Jun 2019

This week, several graduation researchers delivered some really promising results at Inholland Composites in Delft. Two students in particular delivered results which were part of a awarded SiA Take-Off funding...

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New internship and graduation assignments available
01 May 2019

Are you interested in doing novel developments in an inspirational environment with talented engineers? Accepting an internship or graduation assignment at the applied sciences labs of Inholland may be an...

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Inholland joins SAMPE Benelux bridge building contest
10 Apr 2019

A team of Civil and Architectural Engineering students represented Inholland on March 28 in the second edition of the SAMPE bridge building contest. SAMPE Benelux is a networking organisation of...

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