Bio based

Bio based composites

Why not take the selection of fibres for composites one step further and use natures materials? Inholland Composites has executed multiple projects where Hamp and Flax has been used as natural resource for real life products.inholland composites bio based sofa bench bank aeronautical engineering students

Inholland joined a RAAK MKB project in 2015 (coordinated by Avans) and participated in the development of a bio based bridge. Currently an Aeronautical Engineering graduate is developing a bio based bridge connection at Inholland Composites.inholland composites bio based bridge connection aeronautical engineering student raak mkb

Inholland Composites focusses their applied research in this theme on how to design load bearing structures, such as the body of an electric scooter or a bridge, using bio based composites. Thus our prime interest is structural mechanics of bio-based composites. Inholland set up a consortium in 2014 where SME’s joined a RAAK MKB project to develop an Electric Bio Based Scooter. This his Be.e scooter was commercialised by Van.eko and can now be bought. Visit for more information.inholland composites bio based electric scooter be.e vaneko raak mkb aeronautical engineering student

The processing of plant fibres into a composite product require dedicated measures to control moisture content, which has significant influence on fibre and matrix performance during both production and operational life of the structure. Bio based reinforcement materials typically consist of relatively short fibres. inholland composites bio based sofa schiphol olifantengras aeronautical engineering

We strive to improve our knowledge of bio based polymer chemistry and through collaboration with our Agriculture and Life Sciences department aim to, in time, also be able to address issues such as bio based material scarcity, bio based materials in a circular economy framework, etc. In parallel, Inholland Composites contributes to the demonstration of the potential of bio based composites through e.g. facilitating the Schiphol bio based bench project.inholland bio based sofa schiphol aeronautical engineering