Inholland Composites

At Inholland Composites, the applied research we do is driven by our values: creativity, sustainability and health. From an industry perspective, we link our research to themes that are relevant and current in the world surrounding us. For our students, lecturers and researchers, our research themes offer a challenging and multidisciplinary framework for learning and developing new skills.inholland composites team 2016

Founded in 1988 as “composieten laboratorium” at the HTS in Haarlem, it was the answer to the rise of fibre reinforced composites in the aviation industry. The main goal of this lab was to offer aeronautical engineering students an opportunity to gain practical and theoretical knowledge on advanced composite materials. inholland composites education composietenlab aeronautical engineering haarlem delft

After a relocation of the lab to Delft in 2004 and the addition from Inholland Alkmaars’s  “lectoraat composiet” in 2011, an intensive collaboration started between the two entities and a unified vision was developed. In 2016 Inholland Composites was founded and will continue to be an inspiring environment where a unique mix of education, research and companies can be found.inholland composites alkmaar delft lectoraat lector rogier nijssen engineering

Located in Alkmaar and Delft, Inholland Composites is fully equipped with laminating rooms, workshops, hot presses, lasercutters, testmachines, 3D-printers and an Autoclave. The staff consists of highly educated and experienced professionals who worked for many years in the civil-, wind- and aerospace industries. Together with young professionals from Inholland they operate as a small company with a high research and development character for relevant composites themes.

inholland composites workshop equipment

The Innovation Studio facilitates technical and sustainable driven projects made by students. The philosophy of the projects start from the perspective proof of principle, proof of concept and proof of product. During the innovative projects  high-end techniques, material and design methods are used known from the Aeronautical Engineering discipline. The Innovation Studio uses Inholland Composites to realise the projects.

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