Aerolab for Aeronautical Engineering

Aerolab for Aeronautical Engineering

The Inholland Aerolab is a knowledge center for aerodynamics education and research for students, teachers, professionals and companies. It uses several in-house build low-speed wind tunnels designed and build by Inholland.

With the growing need for aerodynamics expertise the aeronautical engineering faculty of Inholland University of Applied Sciences decided to place an order for a new low-speed wind tunnel at Inholland Composites. After a visit to partner University of Graz (Austria), Inholland Composites was inspired by the cost-effective solution. There seemed to be a good fit with the available tooling and expertise so a design was quickly made in Catia, the 3D CAD software which all aeronautical engineering students are trained in during their four-year programme. To gain experience in composites production, certain elements were made of glass fibre laminates, but most of the tunnel was made of wood, which was shaped with a laser cutter.

To allow for continues improvement and to have other institutes benefit from this development, it was decided to design the tunnel with modularity in mind. The tunnel uses 9×3 metres in floor space and has a measurement section of 400x400x1000 mm.

Most of the production was done by Aeronautical Engineering students, which allowed them to become acquainted with different production methods. The delivery of the tunnel is expected to be early 2017.

Date : 2017-02-01

Client Name : Inholland University of Applied Sciences