Bio based bridge connection

Bio based bridge connection

Inholland Composites participates in several RAAK MKB projects (RAAK, Regionale Actie en Aandacht voor Kennisinnovatie; regional action and attention for knowledge innovation). In these projects, universities, entrepreneurs and public professionals work together to generate innovative solutions. One of these solutions is the electric bio-based scooter and the bio-based sofa. Another example is the bio-based bridge project. Recently, a bio-based pedestrian bridge fourteen metres in length was manufactured by several parties who are involved in the RAAK project coordinated by Avans. The bridge is located at the campus of Eindhoven University of Technology.

There are still research studies being conducted to improve the bio-based bridge. This includes optimisation of the material and automation of the manufacturing process. Another research project is on improving the connection between the bridge segments. The bio-based bridge connections is a project executed by Inholland Composites. The objective of this project is creating an integral design of a bio-based composite pedestrian bridge, which includes the end-of-life of the bridge. A modular bridge design is being considered. This would enable easier decommissioning of the bio-based bridge. As part of the research several connection parts are being manufactured and tested. More results are expected in the coming weeks.

Date : 2016-10-25

Client Name : bio based brug

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