Bio based sofa

Bio based sofa

In the area surrounding the runways of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, elephant grass (Miscanthus sinensis), fibre hemp and fibre flax is grown. These plants are bird-resistant (flight safety) and noise absorbing. But in the first place the plants are the raw material for bio-based materials.

In our project these materials were used for the production of the design sofas which you can see on Schiphol Plaza and in the Dutch city of Haarlemmermeer. The fibre from the hemp and flax is used in the bio-composites that the exterior of the sofa is made of. Elephant grass is the raw material for the bio-concrete, used to fill up the sofa. Besides the carbon capture this entails, it ensures the sofas will never fly away in heavy winds.

Date : 2016-05-03

Client Name : Composites

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