Complaid: repairs in the automotive industry

Complaid: repairs in the automotive industry

In 2015 Inholland Composites joined a consortium initiated by the HAN University of Applied Sciences as part of a partially funded RAAK MKB project Complaid. (RAAK, Regionale Actie en Aandacht voor Kennisinnovatie; regional action and attention for knowledge innovation).

The goal of this project is to investigate repair options for Dutch car repair shops. This consortium includes participation of the TU Delft, FOCWA and the universities of applied sciences in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Inholland Composites mainly focuses its activities on the following.

During the first phase of the project, Inholland Composites developed an inventory of existing repair methods for damaged composites. This was shared with the partners to allow them to gain experience from the available knowledge from the aviation sector. This provided insight into the benefits of each repair type. During a repair-day workshop, the consortium participants had the opportunity to receive training in some of these repair methods. Currently Inholland Composites is active in the second phase of the project where the goal is to deliver test data on repaired samples. These data are generated by testing original, damaged and repaired samples in the static test bench. By comparing the results the consortium members will gain insight into how well certain types of repair will recreate the original undamaged sample properties. During this project, Aeronautical Engineering students are continuously allocated as part of a work placement or graduation assignment.

In case you are interested in this project, or if you want to contribute as a student, please contact Moiz Ur Rehman.

Date : 2017-12-31

Client Name : HAN

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