SmartBench for dynamic testing

SmartBench for dynamic testing

Inspired by the new technologies of the 4th industrial revolution, the related philosophy could be used to upgrade an existing dynamic test bench at Inholland Composites. This hydraulic test bench is typically used for the validation of material and component samples for the automotive and aerospace industry. For the last ten years control and measurement equipment has been replaced as part of a modernisation strategy, and the Moog Portable Test Controller was acquired to support this initiative. To complete the implementation of this strategy a project needs to be initiated to implement the next step of the current test system to become a SmartBench for dynamic testing.

Moog partnered up with Inholland Composites in 2015 with the aim of gaining experience in the validation of the latest software releases. Gantner Instruments started collaborating in early 2016, due to their desire to experiment with new ideas in this field, and supplied a Q.Bloxx measurement system.

In September 2016, as part of a graduation project, a student began the first phase of this modernisation by creating a link between the Moog control system and the Gantner measurement system. The goal is to integrate both systems into a single system for dynamic testing, and to investigate and implement the additional developments required for test bench automation.

Date : 2017-01-31

Client Name : Moog B.V. and Gantner Instruments

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