Inholland composites has been collaborating with KLM on various projects focused on composite repair in the aviation industry. Through this collaboration the students gain knowledge of current topics related to composites in the aviation sector. Inholland composites serves as the applied research facility for students who want to use their theoretical knowledge on real life problems (aircraft components).inholland composites repair aeronautical engineering graduation assignments

Repairing composites is inherently difficult and requires highly skilled experts. A lot of expertise in this field is present in aerospace but not widely available yet in the Automotive Industry. It is our vision that acceptance of composite technologies in areas such as automotive, infrastructure and civil engineering cannot be achieved without a clear translation and adaptation of the repair methods in aerospace to the requirements of other disciplines and structures.inholland composites repair aeronautical engineering graduation assignments

In 2015 Inholland Composites joined a consortium initiated by the HAN University of Applied Sciences as part of a partially funded RAAK MKB project Complaid. The goal of this project is to investigate repair options for the Dutch car repair shops. This consortium includes participation from the TU Delft, FOCWA and the Universities of Applied Sciences from Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Watch the following 4 minute video to get an impression of the project.

In case composites repair is new, Inholland Composites developed 6 instructables where you can get familiar with the process of composites repair. Don’t hesitate to contact us in case there are questions, we are happy to assist you in finding a good partner for composites repair.

1. Inspection

2. Repair Strategy

3. Material Removal

4. Applying New Material

5. Curing

6. Validation