First-Time-Right results presented at JEC2019 in Paris

12 Mar 2019


First-Time-Right results presented at JEC2019 in Paris

From March 12 to 14 Inholland Composites and NHL-Stenden are presenting the results from the First-Time-Right Applied Research program at the JEC2019 in Paris. This is done from the Holland Pavilion in Hall 5 Stand E80 where Holland High Tech supports the Dutch Composites industry with stands from a diverse mix of Dutch composites SME’s, Research Centers and related companies.

Inholland Composites initiated the First-Time-Right consortium which includes 15 SME’s , 3 knowledge institutes and 2 Universities of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands. They joined forces in this applied research program to investigate methods to reach First-Time-Right production with the goal to:

  • Produce faster
  •  Reduce waste
  •  Work safer
  •  Avoid defects
  •  Learn faster

The First-Time-Right consortium developed Smart Moulding 
Technologies, Mixed Reality applications and First-Time-Right principles enabling (sub) automation of the vacuum infusion process.

Smart Moulding Technologies: Detect leakages and monitor curing state using contactless sensors. Infuse automatically using using integrated control algorithm using vision system with light emitting mould.

Mixed Reality Applications: Drastically shorten training time for complex infusion strategies using Virtual Reality. Display infusion simulation directly on mould using Augmented Reality. Read more about this on

First-Time-Right principles: Fast infusion preparation with reusable vacuum bags resulting in less waste. Lower defects using automated fiber placement and inspection.

Meet Hydra1, an electric hydrofoil surfboard made from fiber reinforced composites manufactured with First-Time-Right principles using the vacuum infusion process. The process used to make this product is identical to the way composites sailboats and yachts are currently built and includes smart automated solutions to achieve better results.

The Microsoft HoloLens is an important part of the research results. During the project several proof of concepts were developed to automate the process of fibre placement. It also includes an integration with RTM-Worx from Polyworx to project infusion simulations real–time. This is really useful for production preparation as it will offer better ways to achieve the optimum infusion strategy. Read more about this on

A smart silicon vacuum bag was supplied by CT Platon making the SmartMould ready for producing series without spending time on the vacuum bagging process. The silicone bag contains resin inlets, outlets, flexible runners and a sealant edge. Read more about this on

Twenco supplied the latest Dielectric Analyzers (DEA) for contactless curing and process monitoring. This is beneficial for process monitoring, NDT inspection and more. Read more about this on


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