Graduations deliver research results for SiA Take-Off

29 Jun 2019

This week, several graduation researchers delivered some really promising results at Inholland Composites in Delft. Two students in particular delivered results which were part of a awarded SiA Take-Off funding to focus on automated repair solutions for the composites parts on windturbines. Some other students performed graduation assignments for other research themes such as Virtual Hybrid Testing (using augmented reality with the HoloLens) and a control loading system for the B737 flight simulator at Inholland in Delft.

Carlo van Pelt (student from Aviation studies HvA) performed his graduation research at Inholland Composites and was asked to assess fillers for cosmetic repairs on windturbine blades.

Frans Ude (student Inholland Aeronautical Engineering) did his graduation research as part of the development of a crawler, a robotic system capable of moving on the surface of a windturbine blade such autonomous mobile repairs can be performed.

Vladimir Cornij (student Inholland Aeronautical Engineering) used the Microsoft HoloLens for his graduation to research Virtual Hybrid Testing, a method currently being developed in the Aerospace Industry to significantly speed up the validation process for new aircraft.

For the FlightSimDelft research team, Krasen Minkov (also graduating as Aeronautical Engineer at Inholland) developed a control loading set-up for the Boeing 737NG flight simulator.

In total about 10 students performed an internship or graduation assignment during the last 5 months. All performed above average and we wish them a lot of succes in the continuation of their professional careers.


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