Inholland Composites officially launched

20 Dec 2016

On 20 December, representatives of the Dutch Composites Industry, universities of applied sciences and research institutes joined Inholland teaching staff and students for the festive ‘launch’ of Inholland Composites.

Inholland Composites is the new name of a partnership between the Composites Laboratory (Haarlem, est. 1988 and Delft, est. 2005) and the Composites research group (Alkmaar and Haarlem, est. 2011). Initiated in 2012, this alliance has resulted in various projects in collaboration with SMEs and other universities of applied sciences.

The launch took place at the Inholland Campus in Delft. It opened with introductory remarks by Inholland directors Gerard van Oosten and Dirk van der Bijl on how Inholland Composites fits Inholland’s activities in both the agricultural and technical domains and is a thriving example of our new ‘knowledge workplace’ concept for education.

Marcus Kremers (CTO of Airborne Oil and Gas) next shared his vision on the future of composite education from an industry perspective. He stressed the fast-growing role of automation in composites production and urged teachers and students to develop knowledge and skills in the automation not only of manufacturing processes, but of the rest of the engineering design cycle too.

Rogier Nijssen and Antoine Gerritse, founders of Inholland Composites, then described to the audience what the motivations are for launching this new label, and their plans for the future. The event subsequently moved to the new location of the Inholland Composites Laboratory for its formal opening by Marcel Nollen, member of the Executive Board of Inholland University of Applied Sciences and responsible for institutional facilities. Capping the formal proceedings were the presentation of the new website and a warm endorsement by Jet de Ranitz, chair of the Executive Board.

The guests were then free to roam the new facilities, be inspired by the student projects on display and discuss existing and new collaborative projects aimed at further improving and spreading composite technology.

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