Intelligent composite access door for sewage system

Intelligent composite access door for sewage system

24 Aug 2020

The development of a smart cover for gaining access to a sewage system is nearing completion. Student Jesse Dobber worked together with Smit Composites and Inholland Composites and developed an intelligent access door (also known as smart manhole).

What makes it smart? The height sensor and te 4G connection to a database. The student works together with Smit Composites based in Purmerend. Smit Composites is a market leading company in the renovation of manholes (More information: After some testing the municipality of Edam-Volendam wants to use 6 of the covers to investigate their sewage system.

By tracking the water flow in the different area’s they can find flaws in the sewing system. The installation of the battery and the sensor equipment will be casted in epoxy resin to protect the system against the environment in the sewing system.The database will show the water level and the time. This will be displayed and available for the operators. The next step will be the testing of 6 covers in one web application to make it a suitable product for the users.


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