Inholland Composites presenting at ISCM symposium at the NLR

19 Nov 2018

Inholland Composites will present some of its current research findings on behalf of the First-Time-Right consortium during the 8th International Symposium on Composites Manufacturing for High Performance Applications on 21 – 22 November 2018, Marknesse, The Netherlands

First-Time-Right is an applied research project (powered by a SiA Raak MKB funding program) and includes automation solutions for the vacuum infusion process for composites production. During the symposium our professor of applied sciences dr. ir. Rogier Nijssen will highlight innovative approaches such as automated infusion control and product release using sonic actuators. In addition the potential of augmented reality will be shown where e.g. a projection of the future flow front, or mould temperatures can be visualised through a HoloLens.

The goal of ISCM is to promote discussion on recent developments in manufacturing of high performance composites and related areas. Discussions at ISCM involve analysis of emerging issues, the state of the art in composites manufacturing and discussion on those developments that will shape the near future of composites development.

ISCM has a tradition in aerospace composites manufacturing, but is open to all that develop composite products for high performance applications to present their achievements. Non-aerospace related, high performance, composites applications are therefore very welcome to be presented at ISCM.

ISCM 2018 will be held on 21 and 22 November 2018 at the Netherlands Aerospace Centre NLR in Marknesse, The Netherlands.

ISCM is a biennial event organised by the Netherlands Aerospace Centre NLR and the German Aerospace Centre DLR who act as alternate hosts. More information on this event can be found on the website of the NLR.

Inholland Composites is scheduled to present on Thursday nov. 22 at 11:40.

Here is the video which will be shown during the symposium


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