Inholland Composites hosts first masterclass “art meets science”

the Art of Science and the Science in Art

28 Sep 2016

For students who have ambition, creativity, social competences and are eager to learn, Inholland University offers an extra challenge – Inholland honours. This programme is especially created for those students who want more than the regular course has to offer. It will give students the environment to develop and to challenge themselves to the maximum of their capacity.

To enhance the spectrum of competences and follow the global increase for creative needs a new Masterclass was recently developed by Annette Beentjes. Her background as visual artist with a degree in visual art and design education provided an excellent challenge for the honours programme students. Inholland Composites (location Delft) was approached to facilitate this masterclass due to the variety of tooling and workshop space.

This masterclass, titled “the Art of Science and the Science in Art” offered the students an opportunity to develop their creative thinking allowing them to add this to their scientific solutions approach. During this 3 hour session their associative thinking skills were addressed, empowering them to design and implement solutions without a predetermined end goal.inholland composites masterclass art meets science annette beentjes honours programme

Many students initially became uncomfortable with the idea of a missing end goal, but as soon as they added each others ideas, their team creativity began to grow. At the end of the session each group had to present their result in a stop-motion movie such they could communicate their solutions to the rest of the class.

inholland composites masterclass art meets science honours students

Due to the success of the first edition of this masterclass a follow up is planned for February 2017.


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