New internship and graduation assignments available

01 May 2019

Are you interested in doing novel developments in an inspirational environment with talented engineers? Accepting an internship or graduation assignment at the applied sciences labs of Inholland may be an interesting next step in your development.

Inholland Composites is constantly looking for talent to work on temporary projects and other activities. These can be hosted at one of our locations in Alkmaar / Delft or at one of our partner companies and institutes. In case you are interested in working here, please contact us.

Current vacancies (starting September 2019):

  • Develop a minimum viable product for holographic fibre placement support system using the Microsoft HoloLens (internship/graduation level, Software minded candidates are preferred)
  • Develop a prototype for Holographic interface to NDT equipment for aircraft damage inspection (internship/graduation, software minded, HoloLens, Android and/or iOS platforms)
  • Virtual Hybrid Testing research using Mixed Reality in material validation lab environment (internship/graduation, software oriented with a passion for structures design)
  • Design, Build and Test a new measurement section for the low speed tunnel (internship Aeronautical/Precision Engineering student)
  • Develop a Virtual Reality application suitable for validation of aircraft design (internship for candidate with passion for VR, CATIA and Unity and more)
  • Development of a sound prediction test method for the use of composite guitar manufacturing (internship/graduation for Mechanical/Precision/Aeronautical Engineering student)
  • Build and Test 3D printed robotic arms for generic laboratory purposes (internship for Mechanical/Mechatronics/Precision/Aeronautical Engineering student)
  • Create a demonstrator for composite filament winding (PDF) (internship for Mechanical/Precision/Aeronautical Engineering student)
  • Develop a control loading system for the FlightSimDelft group using force feedback system as used in the flight simulation industry (internship for engineering student with passion for mechatronics/programming and control theory)

The following movies provides an impression of how intern- and graduate students perform their research at Inholland Composites

The available desks are filling up quickly so contact us immediately in case you would like to discuss the options. The assignments are published on Inhollands blackboard but can also be found on this page. Don’t hesitate to approach us for further exploration of the opportunities.

new assignments available


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