project FIXAR kicks off at Lelystad Airport

22 Nov 2019

The kick-off meeting of project FIXAR took place on November 7 at Flantuas Lelystad Airport. The main goal of the meeting was to get (re-) acquainted with each other and the proposal. The meeting started with a recap on the research proposal followed by a heads-up from the work package leaders and an introduction from the project participants.

After lunch, the group divided into parallel work package sessions. This exercise provided suggestions for goals and milestones which will be followed-up by the work package leaders in planning of the next steps.

Rogier Nijssen (Inholland – heading WP1) investigating how automated repair solutions would benefit wind farms. Pontis, LM Wind Power and Fieldlab Zephyros (WorldClassMaintenance) suggest to focus on repair of rotoblades on off-shore wind energy.

Ferrie van Hattum (Saxion/TPAC – heading WP2) working with KVE, NLR and Inholland discussing ideas for repairability in thermoplastics. Special adhesives and induction welding options are considered in the next steps.

Antoine Gerritse (Inholland – heading WP3) discussing capability needs for achieving sustainable composites repair for aerospace together with SPECTO AEROSPACE, GKN Fokker Services, fieldlab DCMC and the HvA-Aviation.

Arnold Koetje (Inholland – heading WP4) brainstorming with Carbonracing, Schatmaker and KLM about how to incorporate Mixed Reality in the proces for inspection and validation of repaired composites.

FIXAR is aiming to provide the following results:

  • State of the art on composites repair for wind energy- and aviation industry;
  • Visibility of main bottlenecks for repair;
  • Identification of main repair cases suitable for automation;
  • Proof-of-concepts for crawler robots capable of automated inspection andrepair of moving wings, rotors and wind turbine blades;
  • Repair methodologies for repairing thermoplastics including validation ofrepaired samples;
  • Innovative approaches for NDT inspections;
  • Automation of analysing test results;
  • Instructables on composites repair processes;
  • Updates of various curricula with composites, lightweight structures,automation.

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