Students present their intern- and graduation work

06 Feb 2018

Every year there are two groups of students doing their internship or graduation at Inholland Composites. Last 6 months there were about 10 students in Alkmaar and Delft doing research in composites themes or adjacent fields and included students from ROC Leeuwenborgh, Hogeschool van Amsterdam and Inholland. At the end all students presented their findings and results to a diverse group of people closely related to Inholland Composites’ activities.


There was a nice mix of assignments, but most of the students were allocated to the SiA Raak MKB research program First-Time-Right, (

The following movie provides some highlights from the research that was done between September 2017 and January 2018.

The dynamics with the group has been extremely valuable and the varieties in the student backgrounds offered a good reason to start a weekly tradition where different international dishes were prepared by the students (every Friday one student cooked a meal for the team). To close the tradition for this round of students a Japanese dish was prepared with fresh Sushi and Yakitory.

Inholland Composites wants to thank the group and wishes everyone a good continuation of their educational- and professional careers.


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