Successful alumni event aeronautical engineering

23 Jun 2018

Nearly 100 people came to Inholland Delft on June 22 to catch up with their old study friends and colleagues during the periodic alumni drink for aeronautical engineers (vliegtuigbouwkunde/luchtvaarttechnologie HTS Hogeschool Inholland Haarlem/Delft). The alumni committee organised this event as a follow up from the reunion 2 years earlier in 2016 and is planning on increasing the interval to 1 event per year, possibly at other locations.
Sophie Koning welcomed everyone on behalf of the alumni committee and provided an insight into her new company IT’S Engineering whom she founded together with fellow Inholland study colleagues. With their background in supporting fatigue testing programs for Airbus they possess a huge amount of qualities to provide stress engineering for organisations designing and validating (lightweight) structures.

Pjotr van Horssen (graduating aeronautical engineering student and glider pilot fanatic) provided impressions of the Sipke America Tour 2018 organised on behalf of VSV Sipke Wynia, the Aeronautical Engineering Association. This trip recently took place and involved 28 Inholland students going on a 2-week trip to the USA. Visits to Boeing, Pratt&Whitney, Kennedy Space Centre, SpaceX and many other aerospace hot spots. 28 years after the first Sipke America Tour, the aeronautical engineering association is still able to organise these events while they do this as a side job during their study programme. The presentation triggered a lot of reactions from alumni who had the pleasure of joining such a trip in the past.

Arnold Koetje (programme manager Inholland Composites) provided some impressions from the 2016 reunion (see movie above) and closed with a movie on how students and teachers currently work together on projects resulting in inspirational creations and build on the continued success from this applied university. Designing, building and testing remains to be the mantra that started many years ago in 1936.

The event continued at Inholland Composites which continued until late in the evening and we can look back at another successful alumni celebration. The alumni committee is currently being populated by Sophie Koning, Pjotr van Horssen, Dirk Jan van der Wal, Irha Luijk, Hans Duivenvoorden and Arnold Koetje. They all studied and/or worked at Inholland Aeronautical Engineering and represent this study program since 1986. The majority thank their careers to contributions to VSV Sipke Wynia and remain actively involved in the Dutch Aerospace network.


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    Dirk Jan van der Wal

    Thanks for having us over, great to see how current students continue the legacy of Sipke.

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